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1 Alphabet and pronunciation

Pronunciation of Spanish alphabet
a [a] h [atʃe] ñ [eɲe] u [u]
b [be] i [i] o [o] v [ube]
c [θe] j [xota] p [pe] w [ube doble]
d [de] k [ka] q [ku] x [ekis]
e [e] l [ele] r [eɾe] y [i gɾjega]
f [efe] m [eme] s [ese] z [θeta]
g [xe] n [ene] t [te]
Pronunciation of the consonants and phone groups
b, v at the beginning and after m,n [b], h is not pronounced
b, v within a word [β] j [x]
c [k], before e,i [θ] ll pronounced as y in yes
ch [tʃ] ñ [ɲ]
d at the end and between vowels [ð] z [θ]
g [g], before e,i [x]
güe [gwe] güi [gwi] gua [gwa] que [ke]
gue [ge] gui [gi] guo [gwo] qui [ki]
Pronunciation of special characters
Characters used for the phonetic transcription are pronounced as follows
[β] a soft b pronounced without the lips touching
[ð] a soft d, the tongue lightly touches the edge of upper incisors
[θ] s pronounced with the tip of the tongue between the teeth
[w] a rounded u (as in wood) connected to the following vowel
The acute accent over a vowel represents word stress not the vowel length.